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Terrace Rd, Hastings



Project Type:

Residential Social Housing Development for Kāinga Ora

Project Dates:

2023 - 2024

This project, comprising a cluster of four residential units, aimed not only to provide housing but to do so with a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity. The essence of this initiative was to create homes that not only sheltered but also embraced the principles of environmental responsibility and accessibility.

In the capable hands of TW Property, the entire journey from conception to fruition was meticulously orchestrated. This involved navigating through the intricacies of development, encompassing civil works and building construction, all the way to the final handover.

Throughout the process, attention to detail was paramount. Interior and exterior painting works were flawlessly executed by our dedicated painting and masonry team. Meanwhile, the critical aspects of bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor connections were seamlessly handled by our proficient plumbing and electrical teams.

The completion of this project signifies more than just the construction of physical structures; it marks the fulfilment of a promise — a promise to provide warm, sustainable homes that contribute positively to the lives of individuals and families in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay. Our Businesses Involved: Construction, Civil and Infrastructure, Concrete and Landscaping, Electrical, Painting and Masonry and Plumbing.

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