Steve Bailey

Steve Bailey

Steve is renowned for his extensive development, project management, and planning experience. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, both in New Zealand and the UK, Steve has fulfilled most roles including tradesman, foreman, site manager, business owner, client-side PM, delivery PM and Consultant PM. This varied experience uniquely positions him to take on a senior advisory role, offering guidance and support across regions while mentoring stakeholders in all capacities as Managing Director of TW Construction. Steve brings a well-rounded set of skills and knowledge to support TW Construction and it’s growth while ensuring the successful delivery of projects.

Matt Peterson

Matt Petterson

Bringing a wealth of experience and a proven track record in managing diverse construction projects for over 20 years. Matt is focused on efficiency, quality, and client satisfaction. Dedicated to driving successful outcomes in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of construction, Matt’s experience spans many multi-million dollar projects, in both New Zealand and Australia. With a passion for construction and a desire to deliver outstanding results, Matt thrives in fast-paced and challenging environments. Through his leadership and guidance, he consistently achieves project objectives while surpassing client expectations.

Liz De Villiers

Liz DeVillers

Liz is a dynamic Commercial Manager with 17 years of invaluable experience in the commercial and residential construction sectors. She engages easily with people and has consistently embraced opportunities to take responsibility and leadership roles. Liz’s inquisitive nature motivates her to continuously learn, following her Bachelor of Construction in 2021. As a Commercial Manager, Liz excels in fostering collaborative environments, ensuring efficient resource allocation, and implementing strategic solutions that drive project success and exceed stakeholder expectations.

Dayle McLauchlan

A creative and analytical design leader with insistent attention to the detail of aesthetics, functionality and quality; focused on working collaboratively from project inception through open and involved architectural discussion. In depth understanding of environmental, social and cultural context resulting in design solutions with appropriate balance; a strong interest in architectural theory working cohesively with construction detailing to ensure best value. An attentive and enthusiastic mentor with a sense of humour that brings out the best in a team.

Gareth Hawthorn

Dedicated and driven construction professional with 22 years of experience across commercial, industrial and high-density residential sectors, Gareth has built his own successful construction business, managed landmark projects, and worked with some of the best operators in New Zealand. In the last 13 years, Gareth has transitioned into Project Management, Estimating, and Consulting. Gareth is always seeking a new challenge to expand his knowledge and experience, take on greater challenges, and demonstrate his ability to work with others to deliver high quality construction and development projects. Gareth’s business and general management experience brings an understanding of financial management and building efficiency that adds value to his role as Regional Manager in the greater Waikato Region.

Stuart Buscke

Stuart Buske

With 18 years of building experience, including 8 years as a self-employed builder overseeing residential homes and light commercial projects, Stuart adeptly managed a team of 7 employees while maintaining a strong connection with his clients. His comprehensive product knowledge spans the construction industry, and he has excelled in various roles—from managing projects and collaborating with professionals to navigating different facets of the building sector. Additionally, Stuart served as an Account Manager at Carters for 5 years, handling over 120 accounts, and spent 6 years as a Project Manager with Civil Project Solutions, covering everything from pricing to tendering. Committed to staying current, Stuart continuously updates his LBP qualifications through ongoing training and research on evolving building methods and products, allowing him to roll up his sleeves and jump on the tools to assist his team.

Nick McCann

Nick McCann

With a foundation in Joinery Craftsmanship, Nick launched his construction career with an eye for detail. With over 24 years of industry experience, he’s mastered the crucial elements for building and overseeing projects. Nick, a qualified carpenter, has spent the past decade steering expansive projects within the commercial construction sector, refining his skills as a dedicated project manager. Nick oversees the quality of our projects, leading our teams to consistent and high quality project delivery outcomes.

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